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Related Links

These links pertain to relevant organization and information that does not otherwise fit above. Please notify the JAD if a link is broken.
Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf
The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf operates three schools on the island of Jamaica. They are residential facilities that allows us to bring in the rural deaf that would otherwise not have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ or to a language, basic education or vocational training.
Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Jamaica
This link gives a snippet of all things Deaf in Jamaica, including some articles and report on the Deaf community.
Deaf Way II: Celebration of the Deaf Way of Life
This is the first of two articles by Ms. Andrea Shettle reporting on the content and results of Deaf Way II, a comprehensive cultural event held in Washington,D.C. in July 2002.
Ethnologue: Language of the World - Languages of Jamaica
About the languages used in Jamaica including Sign Language.
Global Deaf Connection in Jamaica
GDC has been working in Jamaica since 2003. You can find a synopsis of their work in Jamaica at this link.
i DEAF NEWS provides live- and pre-recorded video news via the Internet specifically oriented to the interests and education of deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) people. We believe in the universal value of education and will provide relevant news to our viewers.
Jamaica Association for the Deaf
An organization established in 1938 to effectively manage resources for education, hearing and social services and advocacy in collaboration with key partners for the advancement of deaf and hard of hearing persons.
Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf
Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf is a residential facility that caters to the needs of hearing impaired children.
Jamaica Deaf Education Project Inc.
Jamaica Deaf Education Project Inc.: Raising Awareness for Deaf Children Living in Jamaica
Jamaica Study-Service Term at Goshen College
Jamaica Study-Service Term is a 13-week journey to Jamaica, in which students from Goshen will learn to know a different culture from the inside out - Jamaica's language, its customs, its history and, most importantly, its people.
Peace Corps Jamaica
More than 3,720 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Jamaica since the program was established in 1962. Currently, 58 Volunteers serve in Jamaica. Volunteers work in the areas of education, community and youth development, environment and agriculture. Volunteers are trained and work in Jamaican Patois. Over the years, several of them have served in the Deaf community.
The Deaf Resource Library
The Deaf Resource Library is a virtual library -- an online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States; as well as deaf and hard of hearing related topics.
World Deaf Information Resource Project
This website can help you find contact information for international-, national-, and local-level deaf organizations in about 150 countries. You also can find information resources of interest to deaf individuals, deaf organizations, and others who work with them.
World Endeavours
This quintessentially Caribbean island offers beaches, waterfalls, and more than enough personality to go around. Jamaica’s identity today is intimately connected both with Africa and with its Caribbean neighbors. With World Endeavors in Jamaica, you can immerse yourself in the culture of this sunny Caribbean nation while supporting efforts to promote deaf education and advocacy.