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Children at St. Christopher's School for the Deaf gathered to read in the School's new library.

In this section, you might find materials on the medical aspect of deafness, including auditory-related information and the different diagnosis that impacts one’s hearing ability.
Deaf Community
This folder contains information pertaining to the wider Deaf community in Jamaica, including events and important matters that impact the community.
Deaf Education and Curricula
General information related to deaf education in this category includes contact information for all schools, at least a brief history with any information available on enrollments and statistical information. Curricula used with deaf children listed here can be either current or outdated but of historical value. There is also information about programs and courses offered at the Universities in Jamaica and in adult education arenas. Information pertaining to Jamaican students who have attended tertiary institutions locally or abroad is also here.
Deaf History and Heroes
Find here information on the prominent Deaf persons, events, and organizations that have made valuable contributions in society and to the benefit of the Deaf community. Video of events and persons are available in the Video Library.
This category contains resources on the Jamaican Sign Languages—Jamaican Sign Language and Country Sign Language where available. Video samples are contained in the Video Library found on the Resource page.
Legislation and Advocacy
Several national legislative initiatives and precedents have been set pertaining to the rights of the Deaf community as citizens of Jamaica. Some of the laws and government documents published over the years might only address deafness indirectly by placing deaf and hard of hearing persons in the same category as persons with disabilities. Also, information pertaining to rights, responsibilities and advocacy done for the Deaf community, can be found in this folder.
Articles, features, interviews, and television appearances surrounding deafness or deaf persons in Jamaica are found in this category. Some of the entries here are dated as far back as 1950 and cover a variety topics such as: education, sports, achievements, struggles, and some are simply informative. Also Video clips of television appearances are available in the Video Library
A wealth of resources here are about organizations that have had an impact on the Deaf community in Jamaica. Organisations may be local such as the Kingston Deaf club, national with activities that impact the Jamaican Deaf community widely such as Miss Deaf Jamaica, or international organizations which have a presence in Jamaica such as the Peace Corps.
Related Links
These links pertain to relevant organization and information that does not otherwise fit above. Please notify the JAD if a link is broken.
Research, Projects and Theses
This category contains research papers, theses, projects and academic pieces that examine and explore the languages, culture and behavior of the Deaf and hard of hearing community. Some of these papers were written specifically about Deaf Jamaicans while others make mention of the Jamaican Deaf community.
Technology and Accommodations
Accommodations for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons in Jamaica often involve interpreter provision or technology. This section will outline information on these topics.
Video Library
In this category is a wealth of videos providing history, information, features, and stories about the experience of living as a Deaf person in Jamaica. Please note that some of these videos are of poor quality and outdated but are retained for historical value. JSL samples can also be found in this category.