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About the Digital Resource Library

A quote by Rev. Frederick Douglass at the St. Christopher's School for the Deaf Library

This Digital Resource Library is a “by-product” initiated out of a collaborative effort between the Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD) and Organizations of American States (OAS) to develop a national Deaf Study Curriculum. JAD spearheaded the creation of this digital library to help preserve and share the wealth of resources necessary to cherish the Deaf community and facilitate the development of its education system in Jamaica.

The goal of this digital library is to ensure that all Deaf schools, teachers, students, government officials, service providers, training programmes, and researchers are equipped with the necessary tools and information to carry out tasks and projects aimed at preserving the history of the Deaf community and pave the way that would lead to all Deaf students and adults in Jamaica coming to realize their rights and roles as citizens of Jamaica.

The aim of this library is also to provide Deaf-related information on Deafness in Jamaica to interested persons, stakeholders and partners. JAD aims to expand this library to cover a wide variety of topics and toolkits  including: links to reports on the living situation of Deaf people around the world; links to resources related to Deaf rights and advocacy; and links to deaf friendly services in Jamaica.

JAD welcomes participation and enquiry from any and all entities that work with and for the Deaf community.  Please contact us with more information.


"Materials contained in the library have a variety of copyright permissions granted. In all uses, be mindful to retain and comply with any copyright contained on the documents. Respect the limitations and conditions placed on the use of these materials. Please note that many of the professional journal articles do NOT have permissions for copying and distribution. Any questions about use and permissions should be forwarded to"