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"My disability does not hinder me - society does" Dr. Ádám Kósa (Deaf Hungarian Politician, Member of the European Parliament)


Deaf students at St. Christopher's reading in the new library which opened in 2011.


This Resource library aims to help teachers, students, staff, project coordinators, parents, and other interested people by providing the resources needed to help with projects related to the Culture, History, Current Events, and Language of the Deaf communities in Jamaica.

Some of the things you can find on this library are:

  •  Information on Deaf schools in Jamaica, including their history, enrollment records, and testing data over the years
  • Abstracts, research papers, and theses on deafness in Jamaica
  • History of the Deaf community in Jamaica
  • Information on the sign languages of Jamaica (JSL and CS)
  • Videos of Interviews with prominent Deaf Jamaicans
  • Historical events within the Deaf community
  • Web links for organizations that serve the deaf locally and internationally
  • Newspaper articles on Deafness in Jamaica


We hope you will find this online Library useful.


Please be aware that the information we have on this digital website about any organization, their history and their works does not mean endorsement. We also can not guarantee that all the information on this digital library is totally accurate and imminently up to date. This website is being managed by the Research/Advocacy Officer.